Meet the Owner- Chiquanda Tillie

Hello! I wanted to take the time today to introduce myself! I am Chiquanda, the owner of Tickle Me Purple, LLC (TMP). TMP strives to create ticklish-ly delightful handmade creations. I plan, illustrate, and make all of my products by hand! I am a self-taught illustrator and love everything about it. I am known for creating stories and whimsical  illustrations that draw readers in and promote creativity, diversity,  and self-esteem.  

I created Tickle Me Purple, LLC because of my  lifelong love of creating and sharing art with others. My niece Zoey was my first "client," serving as inspiration for the creation of Zoey Dolls. Whether your little one is playing with a Zoey Doll, reading the "Zoey's World" book series, exploring a coloring page, or gathered at a paint party, you are sure to be tickled by TMP.

I like creating ticklish-ly delightful products that highlight diversity. Below are some quick facts about me:

1. I love buying crayons...I don't know what it is about those things LOL
2. I have illustrated over 8 published books.
3. I have a weakness for craft supplies (I may have a little problem 🤪🤫).
4. I love power tools, yes your girl can build...scroll saw, miter saw, circular saw... yes I can!
5. I am a firm believer in positive affirmations...power of the tongue.

Image courtesy of @zmimagesanddesigns @ronalyntalston