Diverse Children's Books and Coloring Books

Diverse children's books

Create the book and products that you want to see. That's exactly what I did! I have created 10 children's books and coloring books that feature characters that look like me! As a kid, there were very few books that I read that featured diverse characters.  So, I have created the books that I would have like to have seen as a child.

These books are awesome tools to teach self-esteem, promote creativity, and encourage reading. Each book features a theme whether it's healthy eating, positive affirmations, self-love, being a boy, career options, mental wellness, or being a mother.  There is a book to fit everyone's needs. 

Coloring books are also an awesome tool to promote relaxation, fine motor skills development, and improve focus.  Find these books and other products at www.ticklemepurple.com/shop